Smithbridge Group is interested in maintaing its status as a diverse construction company and an excellent employer.  Attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce are very important to the success of the company and in order to do this we must use management flexibilities that are available.  These flexibilities include alternative work schedules, prearranged leave of absence and cross-training of its workforce.  These help our workforce balance the demands of both their work and personal lives.

Personnel at all levels, understand the importance of their development and are thus continually seeking ways to improve their knowledge on all subjects relevant to their development.  Smithbridge strongly supports further learning initiatives being undertaken by the Government, professional institutions, training providers and individual organizations, such as the Guam Trades Academy, by investing and encouraging our workforce to utilize such professional initiatives.

We recognize the importance of employee retention by taking care of our people on a personal and professional level that is evident by our retention percentile of 39% 1-4 years, 35% 5-9 years and 26% 10 plus years to include 2 personnel above 15 years giving an average of 6.5 years.  In addition to our efforts on balancing worklife and professional development we offer our workforce a competitive benefits package.  Our employee benefits include competitive wages, health coverage, annual leave, sick leave, 401(k) employer match, education and training benefits, and AFLAC plans. 

On Guam, with the anticipation of the military build-up we plan to utilize our local workforce to its maximum potential.  Part-time employment could be another tool management could consider to appeal to a broader pool of applicants.  This can enhance our efforts to employ people with disablilities and those with temporary health conditions.  This tool can attract skilled workers who may not wish to work full-time or on a long term basis. This is also the case in Australia where Smithbridge Australia will soon be commencing upgrades on the Port of Townsville in a Joint Venture with Seymour Whyte.

The use of these management tools enhances the quality of worklife and professional development for our employees leading to an increased employee morale and productivity, enhanced recruitment and retention, and strengthens our image as an “Employer of Choice.”