The Smithbridge Group is committed to achieving the highest possible safety standards on all projects.

We have a safety focused culture. Staff are inducted into the DuPont Safety STOP Program. This safety system ensures our staff take safety seriously, and conduct regular self and peer assessments.

Our safety standards and policies meet the requirements, and often surpass the requirements, of State and Federal law. These policies are reviewed on a frequent basis by our Workplace Health and Safety team, who report directly to the Group Managing Director.

Our committment to safety includes:

  • Safety plans and policies are developed and implemented for individual jobs, to ensure standards are relevant to the unique factors of each site
  • Regular audits are carried out by the Workplace Health and Safety team
  • As per the DuPont STOP program, peer evaluations are conducted and submitted to site management to ensure constant compliance from the ground up. This ensures any unsafe behaviour is immediately reported and rectified.
  • Total assimilation of safety plans and policies are conducted on each site, to ensure all personell are aware of and educated in the area of safety standards, even for individual site conditions.

Since the implementation of the STOP program in Guam, the team has achieved over 1 million hours, equating to over ten years with over 100 people, without a Lost Time Incident, an outstanding achievement for all involved.

Our Safety Policy Statement can be viewed here.

The Smithbridge Group publishes a monthly safety bulletin to the Crane and Construction industry, entitled Lifting Matters. This bulletin provides safety standard updates, and critical analyses of safety incidents from within the group, and incidents submitted from the growing readership base. You can read the latest edition, and back editions, of Lifting Matters here.