Rocky Mountain Precast has produced a wide variety of products for various projects in our history on Guam. These projects include hotels, parking facilities, commercial buildings, military facilities, warehouses, residential homes, bridges, piles, and architectural concrete products. Recent projects include: US Navy Main Entrance Upgrade, Ghura 30 Houses, Harvest School Kindergarten Building, Pigo Catholic Cemetery Restoration, DHL building, University of Guam Business College building, and Andersen Air Force Base Medical Center. Other large projects on Guam include: Outrigger Guam Resort, K-Mart, Cabras #3 and #4 Power Plants, Gayle and Teker Building, WRM Storage Facility, Royal Orchid Hotel, Tycom Networks Building, and Andersen Air Force Base Elementary and Middle School.

In addition to a full - service precast / prestressed concrete production facility, Rocky Mountain Precast provides engineering, drafting and erection for the design and placement of our products. Rocky Mountain Precast also provides full quality control inspections and testing of our products in accordance with ACI (American Concrete Institute) and PCI (Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Rocky Mountain Precast is committed to offering a high level of professional service. We will produce quality precast and prestressed concrete products for your next successful project. Rocky Mountain Precast is Proudly Building Guam.


Pigo Catholic Cemetery


Architectural Conrete