Our mechanical crew consists of experienced local employees mixed with industry experts from around the world. We have the capability to draw on technical experts from sister companies with specialized training and experience.

Guam's remoteness requires that, for some projects, experts are brought in to undertake the more difficult and less common work activities.

An example of these specialized activities are the boiler repairs carried out in conjunction with our sister company to the National Board 'R' stamp quality system. We have a number of welding staff continually certified to ASME IX procedures.

Smithbridge Guam has mechanical workshops in the Yigo yard on Guam, and here they repair and maintain heavy equipment from several local companies and for military customers. Certified crane repairs are also being carried out for local companies, government and military clientele.

Smithbridge has a high level of past experience of mechanical engineering in the construction, maintenance and repair areas. We are now seeking out new opportunities for the mechanical division.


Pipework Replacement