Alan Bell

General Manager



Alan has over 30 years' of experience in the civil engineering and construction industry. Having driven large-scale projects from tender to successful completion, Alan has developed a unique and diverse set of technical and managerial skills key to deliverying quality projects and services to clients.

Alan first joined the Smithbridge team as Operations Manager in 1993 after successfully managing projects in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the Marshall Islands. He became the General Manager of the New Zealand operation as the company expanded to Australia in 2002. During this time Alan oversaw some of the company's most historical and technically challenging projects.

In 2007, Alan returned to the United Kingdom as Project Manager for the Design and Construction of the Aquatics Centre for the London Olympic Games. Alan's skills of precise planning, establishing strong channels of communication and his ability to effectively manage a variety of concurrent multifaceted activities ensured this highly anticipated project was delivered on time and on budget for the client.

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Mark Happer

Operations Manager (Australia)



Mark Happer is the Operations Manager of Smithbridge Australia and has been a key member of the Smithbridge Group of companies for over 20 years. He first joined Smithbridge in 1990 and worked on a number of historical Smithbridge projects including the Otira Viaduct and Route PJK Expressway in New Zealand.

In 2003, Mark was appointed General Manager of Universal Cranes Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Smithbridge Group. He was responsible for the management and coordination over 100 staff and successfully grew the business to one of Australia's largest privately owned crane hire companies.

Mark brings years of site, project and personnel management experience to his current role of Operations Manager. He is responsible for overseeing all Australian projects and ensuring the successful delivery of project work.

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Stevyn Radonich

Guam Vice-President


Stevyn has been the Vice-President at Smithbridge Guam since April 2003, and is a valued member of the Smithbridge Guam team. Steve's early career experience in the practical aspects of contracting, combined with his personable character, enables Steve to manage an efficient and happy working team.

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Graeme Ridley

Project Director


Graeme Ridley has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. He was recruited by Smithbridge Guam Inc. for his extensive experience and knowledge of mechanical engineering to further develop the Smithbridge Guam mechanical section, and has been working on the island since early 2003.

Graeme is responsible for the co-ordination of Smithbridge Guam’s numerous projects, ensuring they are completed safely, on time and to customer requirements. He is also responsible for the day to day operations of the fabrication facility.

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